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We are delighted to be able to offer our members the opportunity to join up to the innovative and effective MYZONE.

MYZONE is an effective means of monitoring and recording physical activity for members. It displays results both in real-time, on a large screen display, and as compiled reports.

MYZONE ensures that every session is an effective one, by helping users to track their progresss and achieve their goals, whether these are to lose weight, to get fit or simply to stay healthy.

Each user buys their own personal, battery powered MYZONE belt. When worn this activity belt collects and stores the user’s heart rate data. As well as wearing it in the gym or exercise studio the user can wear it for any exercise effort outside MM Fitness – playing sport or simply going for a walk.

Belts are available at £75.00 for MM Fitness members and £90.00 for non-members and can be purchased from Reception.

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